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Biophore, an established pharmaceutical company, is engaged in the development and manufacturing of niche pharmaceutical products for the generic industry. Within a decade since inception in 2007, Biophore has emerged as a trusted partner in the generic industry across US, Europe and other regulated markets. 

Biophore is dedicated to consistently deliver complex & niche pharmaceutical products that exceed customer expectations and provide a rewarding work environment.


Proprietary testing and analysis methodology ensure consistent Quality and Purity
30+ therapy segments catered and globally delivered

Biophore’s product range is diverse and balanced with NCE-1, Branded products and grandfather products.

Biophore’s portfolio is spread across 30 therapeutic segments and specialize in development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical actives for Oncology medications, Contrast and Diagnostic media.
For updated list of products, send an email to info@biophore.com

Disclaimer: Products under patent protection will not be sold until expiration of patent in Buyer's country or country of end use. Purchase of any patented product will be sole responsibility of the Buyer.


01 Acitretin
02 Acrivastine
03 Alosetron Hydrochloride
04 Aminocaproic Acid
05 Belinostat
06 Bendamustine Hydrochloride
07 Bortezomib
08 Carfilzomib
09 Chlorambucil
10 Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride
11 Clofarabine
12 Clomipramine Hydrochloride
13 Decitabine
14 Diatrizoate Meglumine
15 Diatrizoate Sodium
16 Diazoxide
17 Dimethyl Fumarate
18 Docosanol
19 Dofetilide
20 DOTA (for Gd-DOTA)
21 Eliglustat Tartrate
22 Ethacrynate Sodium
23 Ethacrynic Acid
24 Ferric Citrate
25 Frovatriptan Succinate
26 Icatibant Acetate
27 Indigo Carmine
28 Isoproterenol Hydrochloride
29 Isosulfan Blue
30 Isotretinoin
31 Levothyroxine Sodium
32 Liothyronine Sodium
33 Melphalan
34 Melphalan Hydrochloride
35 Methazolamide
36 Methylene Blue
37 Metolazone
38 Nadolol
39 Nilutamide
40 Penicillamine
41 Pentetic Acid
42 Permethrin
43 Phytonadione
44 Plerixafor
45 Prochlorperazine (Base)
46 Prochlorperazine Edisylate
47 Prochlorperazine Maleate
48 Regadenoson
49 Sildenafil Citrate
50 Sodium Nitroprusside
51 Taurolidine
52 Tavaborole
53 Temozolomide
54 Thiamine Hydrochloride
55 Tretinoin
56 Trientine Hydrochloride
57 Zileuton
58 Zofenopril


Innovation, cost efficiency and focussed on niche molecules for emerging therapy segments
Amongst the Top three companies in DMF filing

Research and innovation is the mainstay of Biophore’s operations. The state-of-the-art technology development center located in Hyderabad is equipped with infrastructure that facilitates activities from conceptualization till regulatory submissions.

Biophore’s research activities extend from the development of active pharmaceuticals to fixed dose formulations for the regulated markets. At any point in time, Biophore’s research is focused on an average of 80 products which are at various stages of development.

Biophore has filed more than 100 DMFs and 150 patents for its unique portfolio.

Biophore's advanced research and development facilities have the competency to develop and commercialize processes for active pharmaceutical ingredients and fixed dose formulations. With over 80,000 square feet workspace, the research center hosts equipment up-to-date with the advancements in the field of pharmaceutical technology.

The technology development center has dedicated laboratories for development of peptides, oncology products and other potent APIs. The research center integrates the science of chemistry with innovative approach and fosters the technology to produce cost-effective and niche pharmaceutical products.

Biophore believes innovation is a component of success for any organization that banks on research. Research at Biophore compliments science with innovation and creates a “technology based approach” to develop novel and non-infringing products. Biophore respects the innovative approach and ensures every innovation is reinforced with intellectual property.

Biophore filed around 150 patents in the areas of non-infringing processes and polymorphs showcasing the devotion towards the pharmaceutical sciences.



Biophore’s manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art, multipurpose facilities that comply with cGMP standards and meet the requirements of US and EU Drug regulatory authorities. These facilities, located in Visakhapatnam are US FDA and EU inspected and approved units.

These facilities host units customized for each category of products like peptides, hormones, colored APIs, oncology and high potent drugs products.


Biophore is committed to ensure a safe and healthy work environment to its employees, contractors, vendors and customers. Located within the exclusive pharmaceutical manufacturing area, Biophore’s facilities remain compliant with all statutory laws and regulations. We conduct periodic safety audits on all our processes to mitigate any risks to the community.

Trusted by global pharmaceutical giants

Services from Blue print to commercial production in US FDA certified facilities


APR 22nd
Biophore awarded ‘India’s Small Giants’ by India SME Forum
MAR 20th
Biophore filed US DMF (Type II US DMF) for the product Eliglustat Tartrate
DEC 31st
Biophore finishes 2018 in the Top 5 US DMF filers list with 12 US DMF filings
DEC 30th
Biophore filed US DMF (Type II US DMF) for the product Carfilzomib
DEC 23rd
Biophore receives ‘Pharma Leader of the Year’ at TV5 Business Leadership Awards
DEC 16th
Biophore filed US DMF (Type II US DMF) for the product Diazoxide
JUN 05th
Biophore filed an US DMF (Type II US DMF) for the product Prochlorperazine (Base) on 05-Jun ze-17. US DMF # 31496 is available for reference to ANDA.
JUN 01st
Biophore filed US DMF (Type II US DMF) for the product Nadolol
MAY 05th
Biophore featured in the Silicon Review Magazine’s special issue of “ 30 Best tech companies – 2017” Link : http://thesiliconreview.com/magazines/30-best-tech-companies-2017/
FEB 28th
Biophore filed an US DMF for Tavaborole Biophore filed Type II US DMF for the product tavaborole, anti-fungal used in treatment of onchomycoses of toe nails. Biophore has a novel process and has filed an US Patent for the same. API is readily available for customers to meet the US P- IV timeline.
JAN 19th
Biophore filed an US DMF (Type II US DMF) for the product Chlorpromazine on 19-Jun-17. US DMF # 31479 is available for reference to ANDA.
JAN 15th
Biophore filed US DMF for Indigo Carmine (indigotindisulfonate sodium). Biophore filed a Type II US DMF for the product indigotindisulfonate sodium, a diagnostic agent used in kidney function test. Completeness assessment of the product is complete.
SEP 01st
Biophore Invests into its first fully owned Manufacturing Facility, to be functionally active from Q1 2018.
APR 16th
Biophore features in the Silicon Review's list of top 10 fastest growing pharmaceutical companies globally.


We are very well aware of what people can achieve when inspired and therefore, at Biophore, we strive to create an atmosphere for Biophoreans to excel at what they do.
We love to get better at what we do, at how we think. We love to learn. We love to grow. We are Biophore!




To be the most trusted R & D company in the complex and niche pharmaceutical molecule segments and achieve superior Customer Satisfaction through

  • Continuous Innovation
  • Providing an inclusive work culture that helps our employees excel and grow


Customer Satisfaction
Continuous Innovation
Inclusive Work Culture


Our aim is to place Biophore in the midst of most reliable knowledge based firms in the API sector in the immediate near-future through customer-focused approach


Dr. Jagadeesh Babu Rangisetty, Ph.D.
Dr. Jagadeesh Babu Rangisetty, Ph.D.
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Over 27 years of research experience
  • Post – Doc from VCU, Virginia USA.
  • Masters and Ph.D. from BITS Pilani.
  • Has more than 80 patents and publications
Dr. Manik Reddy Pullagurla, Ph.D.
Dr. Manik Reddy Pullagurla, Ph.D.
Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer
  • Over 18 years of research experience
  • Post - Doc from UGA, Georgia.
  • Ph.D. from VCU, Virginia USA
  • More than 60 patents and publications
Ramesh K
Ramesh K
Chief Operations Officer
  • 3+ decades of experience in several industries
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Holds an MBA in Operations Management from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management, Mumbai



Biophore India Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Plot#92; 1-98/2/92, Kavuri Hills – Phase II, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad- 33; Telangana, India
Contact : +91-4047474545 Email: info@biophore.com